Discussion in 'Card Chat' started by ac-n-mike, Mar 10, 2010.

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  1. cranium1313

    cranium1313 New Member

    screw it. lets get this thing done already. give me the panthers. payment coming.
  2. fastercards

    fastercards New Member

  3. ac-n-mike

    ac-n-mike New Member

    lol ok... Panthers are sold... a few payments and we can do randoms...

    Case in enroute and will be here WEDNESDAY
  4. MenardFan

    MenardFan New Member

  5. MenardFan

    MenardFan New Member

    How many more till can see randoms
  6. ac-n-mike

    ac-n-mike New Member

    just one ;) BUT I can't do randoms tonight...

    RANDOMS will be tomorrow...

    I know lildones is good for his payment

  7. lildones

    lildones New Member

    Sorry guys for holding everyone up, was a crazy day at work.

    Payment Sent.
  8. ac-n-mike

    ac-n-mike New Member

    see.. told you guys payment would be sent ;)

    issues at home with comp.. cant do randoms tonight.. but we should be good to go tomorrow....

    that will give others time to sell their random spot etc...
  9. MenardFan

    MenardFan New Member

    Dang was looking forward to that tonite but its cool
  10. Dantheman82

    Dantheman82 New Member

    You have time in mind.
  11. ac-n-mike

    ac-n-mike New Member

    uh... maybe 4-ish or so CST... pretty early... they will be LIVE but taped as well if you cant be here

    will be posted in the original psost as well of course
  12. mwolfson22

    mwolfson22 New Member

    WooHoo... I thought I would have to get 4 spots again.
  13. Dacubs?

    Dacubs? New Member

    very nice...i was debating between taking vikings, bears or colts, but now vikings and colts are randoms....too bad I sold my random off already :)
  14. Dantheman82

    Dantheman82 New Member

    There were a couple team I was thinking about taking but decided to stick with philly even though I wanted the ravens.
  15. bjtheman1

    bjtheman1 New Member

  16. Dacubs?

    Dacubs? New Member

    Some nice teams in the randoms list....almost wish I didn't sell mine off :)
  17. SQ180

    SQ180 New Member

    My Random Spot For Sale - $30
  18. Dacubs?

    Dacubs? New Member

    as silly as this sounds, I'll buy your random for $30...send me your paypal addy
  19. SQ180

    SQ180 New Member

  20. SQ180

    SQ180 New Member

    I am watching a card on the bay I need to go HUGE for so I need all the $30 I can get.
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