13-14 Panini Totally Certified Hockey Release Day

Discussion in 'Hockey Talk' started by Leafsfan1967, Feb 20, 2014.

  1. Leafsfan1967

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    Found a video case break of the brand new released 13-14 Panini Totally Certified Hockey that was just released today. Looks like a great product with lots of hits, and dare I say, finally a proiduct that may actually be worth breaking value wise? Upper Deck SPx was also released today, I'll see if I can find any videos to watch, and post them for you guys.

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  2. VivaLa

    VivaLa New Member

    I'm going to have to go and pick up a few packets of these when I get time at the weekend. I've got a decent collection from the past few years and I see no reason in stopping the collection now.
  3. Zahadum

    Zahadum Member

    I took part in one group break on this product.(Not the place you posted).
    I saw a lot of people bad mouthing this release and Panini in general but I think the product is nice and some of the hits to me are well thought out and look good.
    I think it worth a look.

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