2 2013 Topps Hanger Boxes

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    Here are the hits:


    Chris Johnson
    Aaron Rodgers


    Matt Schaub #351/399


    Darren Sproles #0383/2013
    Cobi Hamilton RC #0098/2013

    Gridiron Legends:

    Eric Dickerson
    Thurman Thomas

    Future Legends:

    A.J. Green
    Cordarrelle Patterson

    Legends in the Making:

    Arian Foster
    Reggie Wayne

    1,000 Yard Club:

    Calvin Johnson Jr.
    C.J. Spiller

    4,000 Yard Club:

    Drew Brees
    Andrew Luck

    Rookie Jerseys:

    Andre Ellington
    Tyler Eifert


    Please Ask, Too Many to Mention

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