2008 Press Pass Nascar Racing Hobby Box

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    Approximate Release Date: Wed, Dec 05 2007

    Configuration: 28 packs per box. 6 cards per pack.

    * Comprehensive 120 card "Year in Review" Base set
    * Exclusive NASCAR SCENE Replay Subset
    * Dale Jr. "8 in 8" Subset
    * Cup Chase: Racing's longest running interactive trading card game-since '94
    * Kick-off for the year-long Memorabilia Program: Quad, Double and * Single Piece cards
    * Burning Rubber-Race-Used Win Tire Memorabilia Cards
    * Press Pass Autographs: found only in Press Pass '08 and Eclipse '08
    * Hobby Only "Platinum" Parallel and new "Slideshow" Set-within-a-Set

    * Press Pass Autographs: found only in Press Pass '08 and Eclipse '08
    * Close to 60 different drivers including Jeff Gordon, Jimmie Johnson, Tony Stewart and Dale Jr.
    * Burning Rubber: Race Used Win Tire Cards: Three different levels
    * Burning Rubber Prime Cuts: Premium Swatch Pieces (e.g., Goodyear lettering)
    * Burning Rubber Signature Series: Special Autographed version #'d to Driver's door Number (Hobby only)
    * Four Wide: Features four pieces of race-used memorabilia on one card, Sequentially #'d to 50, spread throughout '08 releases, look for special one of 1 of 1's (All Hobby Only)
    * Double Burner: Features two pieces of race-used memorabilia, Sequentially #'d to 100, spread throughout '08 releases

    * Press Pass Autographs: 3-4 per half case
    * Burning Rubber Race Win Tire: 2-3 per half case
    * Four Wide, Burning Rubber Signature Series, Burning Rubber Prime Cut: combined odds 1 per half case
    * Cup Chase 2008: 10 per half case
    * Hobby Only "Platinum Parallels: 20 per half case

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