2013-14 Titanium Hockey... LIVE! (In Canada)

Discussion in 'Hockey Talk' started by ranbethscards, Jan 10, 2014.

  1. ranbethscards

    ranbethscards Moderator Moderator

    Not sure how to take this. Panini are you sure you want to play this card? NOT going to make many fans of Titanium Hockey very happy!

    At $109 per box, and five hits per box, this is a MUST HAVE... MUST BREAK Box! But since Panini doesn't think that the USA Hobby needs them, maybe this product should just be shelved...

  2. Leafsfan1967

    Leafsfan1967 Moderator Moderator

    Definitely not a must break box. From what I've seen it's not worth the money, as you'll get 4 cheap jerseys, and a nobody auto in most boxes. If you hit a jersey numbered rookie, then you'll do fine, but just another crap product dump on Canada. Truth is, the US dealers didn't order this product, which is why only a Canada exclusive. It will be shelved at that price, or anyone foolish enough to charge more.
  3. redwing40

    redwing40 #1 Wings Fan

    I have a few nice cards from 12-13, mostly my RC's for my PC, I normally don't buy boxes unless its in a group Box break, and most of the cards I get are from Canada, so this don't affect me much, as single's are cheaper!
    And more and likely it will end up in the States anyways as this has happened before in the past.

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