4 Box Pre Birthday Break .... VERY VERY NICE!

Discussion in 'Football Trading' started by rogers dad, Jul 11, 2009.

  1. rogers dad

    rogers dad New Member

    it's for trade but no bv. ALso.. none are up or have ended on ebay.
  2. rogers dad

    rogers dad New Member

    sorry, but that has been moved.
  3. trpzz

    trpzz New Member

    isnt that just great when someone doesnt reply to almost everyone?
    suppose we will just see a new thread started tomorrow when this gets to page 2...hope everyone that didnt get a simple answer just puts people like this onto there ignore list....maybe hes just looking for everyone in the world to wish him a happy birthday?
  4. rogers dad

    rogers dad New Member

    wow.. aren't we bitter. How do you know who I did or did not reply to? Does it always have to be on the post? Ever think about using pm's

    If I missed people, sorry.. but let me do you favor and say you don't have to worry about posting future threads of mine. You will NEVER get a response back. Don't need the attitude.
  5. timb69

    timb69 New Member

    Or MAYBE...just maybe, he was busy after he posted yesterday, then, only had time to respond to one person at 1:42 PM, and then had to run out?
  6. rogers dad

    rogers dad New Member

    thanks man. But i have no need to have to explain myself to this jerk. And if i wanted self promotion about my birthday, i would of been advertising it alot more.

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