Allmendinger win at Mid-Ohio

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Does Allmendinger deserve the ride full time

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  1. Flame

    Flame Member

    A.J "Dinger" Allmendinger takes the checkered flag at mid Ohio
    In 2 NNS starts he has 2 NNS wins he has won both races he raced in

    Does he deserve the ride full time..
  2. ranbethscards

    ranbethscards Moderator Moderator

    A.J. is considered a Road Course Expert... and the two races he won, were both Road Courses.

    I was impressed with the way he drove yesterday, but not sure he deserves a full time ride.

    ...and here are the standings with 11 Races to go (Nationwide does not have a Cup Chase):

    Driver standings following Mid-Ohio:
    1) #12-Sam Hornish Jr. 769
    2) #11-Elliott Sadler 756, -13
    3) #7-Regan Smith 754, -15
    4) #3-Austin Dillon 754, -15
    5) #20-Brian Vickers 751, -18
    6) #31-Justin Allgaier 722, -47
    7) #2-Brian Scott 706, -63
    8) #6-Trevor Bayne 696, -73
    9) #32-Kyle Larson # 695, -74
    10) #77-Parker Kligerman 687, -82

    Would really like to see Sadler win it all!
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  3. Fitzythird

    Fitzythird Member

    Whenever I have a question like this, I try to get Kyle Petty's opinion as he is likely the most knowledgeable guy around when it comes to drivers.....

    Disclaimer: The above post was a really bad and tasteless joke meant to anger everyone who happens to read it. It in no way reflects the opinions or values of Fitzythird and is meant as a bad joke.....Please don't yell at Fitzy as he is very sensitive.

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