Discussion in 'Football Trading' started by jackson0114, Mar 19, 2011.

  1. jackson0114

    jackson0114 (3) Member Known Trader

    Still havent gotten my cards from this goddam loser. Anyone hears from the scumbag, please tell me.
  2. jaym8675309

    jaym8675309 New Member

    ouch what u trade/pay him?
  3. kordell2000

    kordell2000 (14) Active Member Trusted Trader

    I am the same way with footballfreak. He still owes me a Walter Payton jersey card
  4. SellingALLCards

    SellingALLCards New Member

    You should make a list including name/address/usernames/emails try to find on other forums usually they move on to ne forum target
  5. Archmadan

    Archmadan (4) New Member Known Trader

    I keep a notebook with everyone I trade with. Information includes:
    Name, Address, and anywhere from 1 to 5 stars. based upon packaging ship time and accuracy of cards sent (i.e. no damage unless i know b4 hand)
  6. Archmadan

    Archmadan (4) New Member Known Trader

    Jackson, could you post the address you sent the cards to, to help other prevent from this problem on other sites?

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