Anyone want to swap some tradebait! lets make some trades!

Discussion in 'Football Trading' started by bscook86, Nov 11, 2013.

  1. bscook86

    bscook86 Member

    Im looking for everything in between as well, just wanted to help at least start the process of a trade. Look through my stuff, let me know what you like. And lets make some deals happen. Please try for more than just a one card trade if at all possible.
  2. kordell2000

    kordell2000 (14) Active Member Trusted Trader

    I could use your Kellen Moore, Robert Turbin and Tarvaris Jackson autos. Please check my bucket and let me know if there is anything you can use.
  3. sillylucy

    sillylucy Member

    I am looking to swap for some old Roberto Clemente cards (my boyfriend's favorite player and he loves older cards from the 50s). I am also looking for MLB showdown cards.
  4. DurantuleOKC35

    DurantuleOKC35 (1) Member New Trader

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