Beckett Box Buster: 2012-13 Panini Gold Standard

Discussion in 'Basketball Mail & Box Breaks' started by ranbethscards, Jul 18, 2013.

  1. ranbethscards

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    It's not often we share a Basketball Box Break...

    So.... here we go! Straight from!

  2. camaropat

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    About what you'd expect from Gold Standard. The Griffin will fetch a nice price, the Robinson is a sticker which kills the value, as she said he has a big auto and it runs off the sticker. the rest are the type of cards that sit in your collection forever. Good cards of not so great players, lol. I know Id rather buy the Admiral off eBay and save the rest of my money, lol.
  3. IQless1

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    I like them, but I didn't like how she handled the base cards lol

    If I had $1675 to burn, I'd buy a case. That'd be 40 autos, 10 relics, 10 metals. and a shot at a solid 14-karat gold card thrown in (50 total produced, apparently). ;)

    But I'm a sucker for breaking boxes, I enjoy finding cards in packs. Which reminds me, I have a Jordan triumvirate to find in my stored boxes. I'll should finally be able to find out if it's a Luminescent or Illuminator. Sending that sucker in to be graded for sure, as it's probably now my most valuable card now that I can find info on it online. Pulled it from a pack long ago. I'll post pics soon, and maybe I'll finally be able to determine what it is.
  4. jonsportscardz

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