College Football 2013-2014 Countdown

Discussion in 'Football Talk' started by athletictypist, Jul 9, 2013.

  1. athletictypist

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    I'm a huge American football fan, NFL and NCAA. The season is only about a month and a half away, and I couldn't be more excited. Any predictions this season?

    The SEC is looking very tough again with defending champion Alabama, Georgia, LSU, South Carolina, Florida and Texas A&M. You also can't count out Ole Miss who had the #1 recruiting class in the country. That entire conference is a toss up, but it looks like Alabama has the edge again.

    Outside of the SEC, Ohio State looks poised to make a run with coach Urban Meyer and Heisman candidate Braxton Miller after going undefeated. The Big 10 is pretty weak, so I can see them running away with it again. In the Pac 12, I'm very impressed with Stanford and feel this is their year since Chip Kelly left Oregon.

    A team outside the major power conferences, let's face it the big east sucks now, that could make a run is Louisville. Teddy Bridgewater is an absolute stud of a quarterback, and we saw how he dismantled Florida last year.

    Man, I'm getting pumped just typing this up. I can't wait for football to be back
  2. IQless1

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    Which suggests your from outside the U.S. Where are you from? :confused:
    It should never leave. :)
  3. MatthewDodd888

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    I have one prediction for the next NFL season. I think that Brady is going to lead the Patriots along with Amendola to the Superbowl and they are going to win it. I think this because I think that Brady does not have many years left in him and I think that he wants to win another Superbowl before he retires. That being said, I think he is going to be extra determined to win it all.

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