Has anyone ever heard of Vo Vi Nam?

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  1. AndreiFL

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    Hello mates, I would like to know if anyone here is a Vo Vi Nam practicer / fan like me.
    Vo Vi Nam is a Vietnamese martial art. I have been practicing it for 2 years. It was great, I have learned a lot of fighting stances.
    Here comes my favourite part : you have weapon options too. At this time, nobody can touch me when I'm wavin my fighting chain.
    What do you think of this martial art?
  2. IQless1

    IQless1 Active Member

    I'm not proficient, as I'm self-taught, and only practice for fun. Chain use has always been a unique interest of mine, but I've never actually used them. I've had an interest in the martial arts all my life though, but never in a serious discipline, mostly due to lack of $$$ lol

    As far as weapons go, I will use anything around me. That includes the opponent's attacks, as most can be redirected to your advantage.

    IMO, the best weapon is knowledge. Wisdom allows you to use that knowledge, either to defend yourself or allow for circumstances to form where you don't have to defend yourself. Peace-of-mind, a calm mannerism, allows you to assess the situation and counter efficiently, if it becomes necessary. Practice strengthens the body and allows for faster, and more precise, reactions.

    I don't do much of any of that though lol

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