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Discussion in 'Hockey Trading' started by Bryan_Mc, Feb 25, 2008.

  1. Bryan_Mc

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    Just A reminder to my fellow freaks, especially newer or younger ones!

    If you are trading with a member on the MSF - Must Send First tag, that
    person is to send first without question.

    Even if the deal is a purchase where you are buying an item, the member on MSF must send first before you make payment. Once you receive the cards, payment can be made.

    If someone asks to make a trade where you send first, and they’re not SCF verified,

    please be careful in these situations. Ask them if you can both send to a moderator and

    then the MOD would forward both sides to the traders. If the person, doesn't think this is a good idea, this should send up a red flag.

    My goal here is to get ALL members verified so we can all safely trade.

    Also, when sending a package to another member, please don’t forget to use delivery confirmation.

    sometimes things do get lost in the mail.

    If there is an issue, this is the ONLY way to have a chance at

    getting your stuff back!

    Thanks for reading!

  2. Hands

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    Time for a reminder :)
  3. Hands

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    Bump for the newer members :)

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