Kyle Petty Talking Trash About Montoya On Fox Sports 1

Discussion in 'Racing Talk' started by ranbethscards, Aug 17, 2013.

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    First... SpeedTV is gone. Fox Sports 1 has taken it's place. NOT impressed with the fact that Fox Sports 1 has let some of the commentators from SpeedTV come over to FS1. I think we all could do without Kyle "riding on daddy's coat tails" Petty.

    Second... Kyle Petty does it again... talking trash about a driver that he knows nothing about. First he was bashing Danica... then Hamlin... and now...

    Kyle Petty made the comment that the reason Montoya was without a ride next year is because he has only two wins in seven years with Earnhardt Ganassi Racing. Of course he went on with his usual rant about if you are not winning, you are not going to have a ride.

    Let me check the math here...

    Montoya had 2 Wins in 7 years driving for EGR.

    Kyle Petty has 8 wins, in 829 races, in 28 years... which equates to... 2 Wins every 7 years... (oh wait! it should be noted that Kyle Petty drove for 8 years before he got his first win...)

    Kyle Petty had 8 Poles in 28 years... Montoya had 9 Poles in 7 years.

    Career Average Start: Petty - 23.3 / Montoya - 18.2
    Career Average Finish: Petty - 21.3 / Montoya - 20.0

    Once again, Kyle Petty shows that he knows very little about the sport that his father helped built and he will continue to talk-down the future of the sport.
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    You forgot to mention that Kyle Petty has also never hit a jet dryer truck, so chalk one up for Juan Pablo over him. Kyle shouldn't be sprouting off about anyone, as I find it incredibly childish, but he really does speak the truth. We all know Montoya sucks as a nascar driver. We don't need to hear about it over, and over.

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