late night ebay auctions with more to come

Discussion in 'Card Chat' started by aztecliger, Aug 4, 2008.

  1. aztecliger

    aztecliger New Member

    eBay Seller: aztecliger: Cards, Men's Clothing items on

    I have some cards listed along with some jeans, paintball jerseys and a phone.

    My fiance and I are trying to raise money for a trip to Colorado. That means that I have to let go of some cards. EVERYTHING STARTS AT 99 CENTS.

    Please help a young couple out
  2. ColtsCollector

    ColtsCollector New Member

    Dud $15 to ship a pair of jeans????? Add $10 to it and buy them new....;)
  3. aztecliger

    aztecliger New Member

    new jeans for $25? maybe at old navy but those only last 6 months.

    i appreciate the kind words though
  4. aztecliger

    aztecliger New Member

    2 day bump

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