Logano on pole at MIS

Discussion in 'Racing Talk' started by Flame, Aug 16, 2013.

  1. Flame

    Flame Member

    Joey Logano on pole
    Setting new track record

    Picks to win......
  2. ranbethscards

    ranbethscards Moderator Moderator

    203-plus MPH at MIS is way-to-fast. oh oh.. hope NASCAR doesn't decide we need another restrictor plate track!

    and there is NO WAY that Logano wins at Michigan...

    I am going to go with Jeff Gordon... the guy is due.
  3. Flame

    Flame Member

    Jeff Gordon also

    He's my favorite driver
  4. Leafsfan1967

    Leafsfan1967 Moderator Moderator

    Johnson was one of the fastest in practise, so keep an eye on him. Biffle won the race in June at Michigan, with Harvick taking 2nd. I like Carl Edwards for the win on Sunday! Look for Kurt Busch to be amongst the leaders all day, as well.

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