Lot including Larry Bird / Magic Johnson Rookie For Sale

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    For a long time I have collected both cards and coins. I have decided to focus on just coins for now, so I would like to offer up a few of the cards that I have, if anybody is interested.
    All of these cards are free of any significant damage. I won't try to grade them all, but in my opinion, all would all grade at a 6 or above. If there is interest, I will give a better description of any card listed below. I would prefer to sell them as a lot (other than the Bird / Magic Rookie) since it is the only way to make the postage worthwhile. If it matters, I have a 100% ebay rating. I would ask for payment paypal to protect both buyer/seller.

    1969 Topps Tom Sanders
    1970 Topps Tom Sanders
    1970 Topps Willis Read
    1971 Topps Don Chaney
    1972 Topps Tom Sanders
    1972 Topps Jo Jo White
    1972 Topps Dave Cowens
    1973 Topps Chris Ford
    1978 Topps Dave Cowens
    1979 Topps Dennis Johnson
    1980 Topps Larry Bird (Rebounding Leader) * I have two
    1980 Topps Larry Bird (Scoring Leader)
    1980 Topps Larry Bird / Magic Johnson Rookie (graded BVG 8.5)
    1981 Topps Larry Bird
    1981 Topps Kevin McHale (I have two)
    1983 Star “Boston Bombers” (Bird/Parrish)
    1987 Fleer Dennis Johnson
    1987 Fleer Kevin McHale
    1987 Fleer Julius Erving
    1988 Fleer Julius Erving
    1989 Fleer Larry Bird

    Please PM with any offers. Thank you for looking!

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