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Discussion in 'Baseball Mail & Box Breaks' started by ChiPhil, Oct 2, 2013.

  1. ChiPhil

    ChiPhil New Member

    I received this Donruss Mini in the mail a couple weeks ago and was pretty excited. I've sent out a number of different mini cards to get signed over the years. The only other one I got back was an Allen & Ginter Mini of Luke Scott. Those A&G cards look spectacular with a blue signature.
    This Nokes got bent somewhere along the way but I'm not sweating it. I'm just glad he took the time to sign it.
  2. IQless1

    IQless1 Active Member

    Matt Nokes is someone I remember well enough, because he played for the only two teams I had interest in: The Tigers and the Rockies. ;)

    I've never attempted to send cards out to be signed, but I hear good things and bad things about it, and it sounds like an interesting focus for collecting.

    Have you done this much?...sending cards out to be signed? What's your "success"-rate?

    I know there are a few guides online that can help with that, though I personally haven't viewed one in years.
  3. ChiPhil

    ChiPhil New Member

    My success rate was pretty good. Somewhere around 40%-60%.
    I used Harvey Meiselman's address lists but mailing to teams works well too.
    You should give it a shot. It can be pretty fun.

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