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Discussion in 'Card Chat' started by JoshSmith100, Jul 30, 2013.

  1. JoshSmith100

    JoshSmith100 Member

    Do you own any misprint/error cards?I dont currently own any but I wish I did. I know some are worth alot of money.
  2. Raydeonish

    Raydeonish New Member

    I started collecting back in the day when Fleer and Donruss were just starting to produce sets again (early 80's). They had just won a court case against Topps and began producing sets as quickly as possible to get them on to the market. Sadly both companies made errors on numerous cards. At the time they were hot commodities but now not so much. I think I still have dozens of them stashed somewhere.
  3. camaropat

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  4. ty4orce

    ty4orce Active Member

    I have accumulated many throughout the years ....perhaps the worst was pinnacle inside....cards that were in a can all the cards in the interior were half of one player half of another the only cool thing about them was I could put them together like a puzzle ......most errors if uncorrected don't really hold much value but there are some that do because the few errors caught early and corrected there had been a few that got onto the secondary market example the no name Frank Thomas Topps rookie at one time prices were sky high but now prices have really died down and you can pick them up for a song so to speak......
  5. IQless1

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    The very first boxes I bought were from a set notorious for errors: 1990 Donruss baseball. I bought many boxes, and have several of the errors, but none are particularly valuable at a couple bucks apiece.
  6. bigteeth96

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    I don't think they would be too rare/expensive, but definitely uncommon nowadays. They are pretty cool - it shows the imperfection, which it makes it seem more human.

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