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  1. mcobb3479

    mcobb3479 Member

  2. bigteeth96

    bigteeth96 Member

    $.01? That is really generous! I'll take a browse around.
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  3. angryitalian

    angryitalian New Member

    You have got quite the set of cards here friend. Prices are really generous of you!
  4. mcobb3479

    mcobb3479 Member

    i have put some more up.
  5. JKen

    JKen New Member

    Wow man, the prices are really (really, really) low. Does it even pays off?
    It just seems so low, but I guess when you sell like a hundred of them it's profit.
    But I am not sure would I do that.

    Well, however, the prices are bargain and if anyone needs those cards I believe you are the right source. Good luck with your job!
  6. mcobb3479

    mcobb3479 Member

    I have relisted some. I hope to get more up this weekend. Thanks guys.
  7. mcobb3479

    mcobb3479 Member

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