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    Have too many cards to list in a thread, so here are some links to all of my non-sports.
    I am willing to trade or sale, or do a trade/sale deal.

    Here is a link to all of my non-sports:

    Non-Sport list

    Link to my current wants:

    My Wants

    Photo's of all Non-Sports and a few Sports:





    The Card Market - All of my hits are posted here with pictures, Username - Chilly55

    Shipping is a flat $2.50 (unless sets are ordered). Orders over $40.00 get free shipping. Paypal, Cash, M.O. or Check are fine.

    I listen to all offers, so bring them on.

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  3. IQless1

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    I went through your stuff and found about $500 worth of stuff I'd like...yikes! :eek:

    I actually have the $$$ saved-up, but I'm having my teeth pulled in a couple of days and need the cash for that. It's getting old having heart attacks all the time from bad teeth over the last couple of years. The first few hundred weren't too bad, but once it got into the thousands I started saving my $$$.

    Check back in half a year. By then I may be able to purchase 'em...if I'm still around lol

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