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  1. NORD

    NORD Member

    Son is Pokemon crazy,looking for a lot.Lmk what you have and how much.
    Or trade for.Reg base not needed.
  2. mleocasas

    mleocasas Member

    I didn't realize they were still making pokemon. I have those old school first generation one somewhere around here from back in the day :). I'm guessing that's not what you're looking for, but good luck- just thought I'd comment because the mention of pokemon cards got me all nostalgic.
  3. nonsiccus

    nonsiccus Member

    I'm right with you mleocasas - I just had a nostalgia bomb dropped on me. I remember playing the game as a kid against schoolmates. I don't recall how much depth the game had, but it sure felt epic dueling during recess at school. Hah, man, trip down memory lane!
  4. pojokers

    pojokers Member

    Sorry I have nothing to trade/sell but I'm with you guys. It's funny that Pokemon is still kicking. There's actually another Pokemon game coming out in 2014, interesting enough. They'll never top the original Pokemon though haha.
  5. nonsiccus

    nonsiccus Member

    Not totally surprised about the series' longevity. It's an extremely popular franchise that continually expands and adds new characters. It translates extremely well in to a card game and ultimately is super appealing to children. It's a marketers dream as it pretty much sells itself, especially given that the brand loyalty is immense.
  6. Cardex

    Cardex New Member

    I have a ton of Pokemon cards if someone is interested in purchasing. They are approximately 15 years old or more. None of the packs are intact but the cards have been kept neatly in a box for years.

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