Seeking Helton and Moyer

Discussion in 'Baseball Trading' started by ChiPhil, Sep 26, 2013.

  1. ChiPhil

    ChiPhil New Member

    I'm looking to grow my Jamie Moyer and Todd Helton collections.
    I'm not looking for really high end pieces (not that too many exist for these players) and I am welcoming duplicates.
    I'll comb my collection for anything you might want in exchange.
  2. Roxfan17

    Roxfan17 New Member

    I have a bunch of Helton dupes (base and insert) if you are interested.
  3. Nykerry43

    Nykerry43 (2) Member Known Trader

    Hey Roxfan,

    I have a thread in which I mentioned that I have an autograph... From '98. I didn't mention it in that thread, but I also have one of his RC's, as well. If you're interested, LMK. I'm looking for autographs/RC's of current hotter players. Also a Yankees fan...
  4. woodman

    woodman (21) Member Trusted Trader

    I have this. PM me the GU u have for trade, thanks:
    06 Flair Showcase Jersey T.Helton(Col)
  5. ChiPhil

    ChiPhil New Member

    RoxFan: Yeah, I'll take all the dupes as well (if you're trading them all). I'll post some cards I'll put up in the next few days. Thanks.
  6. ChiPhil

    ChiPhil New Member

    I dug up ten base cards to put up: 5 Pujols, 1 V-Mart, 2 Pedroia, 1 Verlander, 1 Jeter.
    If there's anyone else you're looking for specifically I can try and dig them up.

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