What was the first Sports card that caught your eye?

Discussion in 'Card Chat' started by Nathan, Jul 11, 2013.

  1. Nathan

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    In a previous post I made, I mentioned that I went to the mall with my Dad and looked at two cards that caught my eye. The cards were a Peyton Manning signed Jersey card and a Tee Martin signed Jersey card. If you know college football then you know these two players.

    Peyton Manning was one of the best quarterbacks of all time in college and Tee Martin was the quarterback that took Tennessee to their first National championship. I had mutual respect for both players before I bought the cards so both of them had some type of meaning to me.

    What is your story of the first sports card that caught your eye?
  2. IQless1

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    It's tough for me to say, as I don't remember a specific player. I was given some late 60's/early 70's football cards as a kid, and they did catch my eye somewhat, but I'd have to say the first auto and first relic (nee: "memoribilia") I pulled from a pack was the one that really caught my attention. Problem is, I forget which one it was...since I have so many lol

    I definitely remember buying a bunch of wrestling packs from the local K-Mart that was closing and pulling out a dual-shirt card with the Rock and Mick Foley on it, which I still have. At one time it listed for $80. The last time I looked I could get one for a buck...I still wouldn't have sold it back then lol

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