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Discussion in 'Baseball Trading' started by GrandSalami, Nov 27, 2006.

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    GrandSalami ....Sorry it took so long to get back to you but here is what I have. I collect 2006 A&G GU or autos or would sell through paypal. Thanks...Dan
    BC16 Jamie Hoffman-Dodgers
    BC17 Joe Bauserman-Pirates
    BC18 Nick Adenhart-Angels
    BC19 Mike Butia-Indians
    BC23 Wyatt Toregas-Indians
    BC24 John Vanden Berg-Phillies
    BC35 Steve Garrabrants- Dbacks
    BC38 Javier Martinez-Padres
    BC47 Steven Baker-Padres
    BC59 Vince Cordova-Mets
    BC61 Jarod Rine-Orioles
    BC68 Francisco Leandro-Tampa Bay
    BC79 Wilkin Ramirez-Tigers
    BC82 Tony Granadillo-Red Sox
    BC112 Lance Broadway-W.Sox
    BC121 Clete Thomas-Tigers
    BC158 Shane Lindsay-Rockies
    BC164 Shaun Cumberland-Tampa Bay
    BC174 Tim Kennelly-Phillies
    BC193 Kevin Estrada-Cardinals.
    (Also have 3 dupes BC17,BC38,BC61)

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